With Tugger Full-Take Analytics – real time data, and not guesswork – is revealing new strategic insights, guiding tough decisions, and creating proactive tactics. Analytics can drive the discovery and communication of meaningful patterns and relationships in data that can help teams define, measure, and improve performance.

Administration GUI

Solve player abuse and hacking by dropping the ban hammer when needed or drop an IED at the offending players feet.

Listen in or enable All-Talk. Server side mute mic-abusers.


Tugger's Official Ban List

Why reinvent the wheel? Block known hackers and cheaters.

Competition training & Learning tool

Learn and train on official call-outs. Speed up training with teleportation in an easy to use UI. Tugger's proprietary, integrated competition training and learning tool is in early development.


Bring everyone you know, these Mumble servers have 100 slots. Each server is pre-populated with channels to meet your teams needs.

Mumble server screenshot

Tugger's got you covered, always get a slot on one of Tugger's public servers


Find the weak link with analytics

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