With Tugger Full-Take Analytics – real time data, and not guesswork – is revealing new strategic insights, guiding tough decisions, and creating proactive tactics. Analytics can drive the discovery and communication of meaningful patterns and relationships in data that can help teams define, measure, and improve performance.

  • Tugger’s Full-Take Analytics tools enable users to analyze multidimensional data interactively from multiple perspectives.
  • Discover the weak link in a MLG team, with investigation of past game performance to gain insight and drive game planning.
  • Identify “anomalous behavior" statistically, with cold hard numbers and drop the ban-hammer.
  • Review path data of pro players on the other team and identify their patterns and routes on any map.

Hosting providers can BUY customers (advertising), BORROW customers (cross promotion), and/or CREATE customers (Add value or original content). And you need to use what ever you have the most of; Relational capital, Financial capital, or Intellectual Capital.

Hosting is expensive. There are hard costs associated with every customer, and the competition is fierce. Customers expect the world and they want it all included at no cost. A proprietary competitive edge can be hard to come by, especially one that creates you more customers.

Tugger’s Full-Take Analytics gives hosting providers and sponsors integrated call-to-actions, promotional offers, and name recognition without ever leaving the game. Tugger’s Full-Take Analytics grows your reach and influence in front of thousands of players per week, per server! The precise audience hosting provides try to target with pay-per-click Facebook ads.

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